Straw, along with other natural materials such as clay, lime and wool are currently enjoying a revival after a long and wasteful lull in which steel and concrete rained supreme. Whether it’s the result of new eco-sensibilities or just a desire to have healthier places to live these low carbon materials are now being increasingly used to create sustainable and healthy modern homes again. These renewable materials had been used for 100s of years and proved themselves to be a durable and safe for homes and workspaces in virtually all climates. Now they’re proving they can compete with the best of the modern synthesised alternatives in terms of breathable qualities and cost-effective acoustic and thermal insulation.

Of course heavy timber framing is another area of construction based upon renewable natural materials that has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years with the ever present Green Oak Frames on ’Grand Designs’. Happily all these materials work fabulously together, complementing each others strengths. We are always happy to discuss new and exciting ways of integrating low impact materials into a design and are happy to experiment if you are! The possibilities are endless.