Manninwood designs and produces unique hand-crafted structures from the most beautiful and efficient materials available. Combining the best aspects of traditional heavy carpentry with modern low impact construction, we are proud to offer bespoke alternatives to typical building standards. Manninwood is a small firm where everyone involved knows one end of a chisel from the other, and how to use it. The standards we work to rely on an absolute dedication to (and a regularly practised understanding of) the physical realities of the task – there are no soft hands here. We know what it takes to assemble a building in all conditions, so we know how to design it right first time.

We like to hear our clients say, "thank you, that is exactly what we wanted..." With each project we are dedicated to finding the most efficient solution that will allow us to fulfil the exact wishes of each client. Never to pushing compromises which may be more convenient for us or other contractors.

All of our heavy timber frames utilise traditional hand scribed and cut joints (as employed for hundreds), pegged together by dedicated and knowledgeable craftsmen. We believe that this relationship between a hand craftsman and his work produces a haptic quality and a tangible soul within each structure, which is difficult to create with mechanically fixed frames produced by machines. We respect our staff as craftsmen, treat them accordingly and believe this is evident in the work produced. This fact, in combination with the continuity of service and attention to detail we can offer is unmatchable by many larger firms.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to achieve them.